Thank you again for being part of our New Year's Eve celebration in Sandwich Village! I hope you have been enjoying the holidays. I wanted to remind you of some last-minute details regarding the event Sunday afternoon and evening.

1) We have no alternate date. According to current forecasts, it looks like there may be some snow on the ground, and it will be chilly. So plan ahead and travel safe!

2) Now's the time to share the website link with your friends and mailing lists, encouraging them to come and to purchase a button in order to see you: - thanks for your help in promoting First Night Sandwich! 

3) When you arrive that day, you should head to your venue first to sign in and pick up your buttons -- even if you're not performing for a while. Ask for the volunteer who will be at the venue -- they'll have your buttons and any additional information you might need.

4) Parking is available on the side streets and at the Wing School at the beginning of the parade route (the corner of Water and Beale Streets). See map and schedule:
If you need to unload your equipment, you can do so at your venue quickly but then find a legal parking spot please. If a road happens to be  closed in preparation for the parade, just let the police there at the barricade know that you're a performer and need to get through to your venue. So again, please plan ahead to allow time to get situated.

5) We do not provide sound systems for performers unless it happens to already be part of the venue so please plan on just an electrical outlet and your own equipment unless you've made special arrangements to share with someone else.

6) When it's time for your performance, you should arrive 25-30 minutes ahead of time at the venue ready to go. At about 15-20 minutes before your performance time, the prior act will finish up, unplug and gather up their equipment, allowing you time to prepare your stage. Please offer the same courtesy in terms of finishing up your performance with 15-20 minutes to spare before the next act goes on. This also allows time for the audience to move to their next show.

7) The volunteers at the venues are there to help make things go smoothly (particularly traffic flow) so if you have issues or questions, let them know and they will do their best, including any change-up with chairs, etc. Others, including myself, will try to circulate continuously through all the venues.

8) If you have any questions or concerns this week or the day of the event, please do not hesitate to call me on my cell phone and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible: 508-989-4218. What am I forgetting?

I am extremely excited about this. Take a look at what you are a part of by scrolling through this list of amazing performers:

You are awesome! Thanks for making this so memorable!