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Collection of Irish Airs and Jiggs with Variations (John Murphy: Edinburgh 1809)
from Irish Music Collection Online (Na Piobairi Uilleann, Dublin)

folder name: ciaj

Not all tunes in the original volume have been transcribed.
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 [corrected spelling]
 Bagnal's Frolick  s/jig G dBG GAG BAG|dBG GAG efg|m3=m1|ecA ABA cde|
 Captain O KAIN
 [Captain O Kane]
 jig Am[Em]
 Castle Nock
 s/jig Dm A3 ABG FGA|DA2 ABG AFD|m3=m1|EFE cBA GEC :|
 Chorus  jig D F2D DFD|AFD DFD|F2D DFD|A3 BAG|
 [Donnybrook Fair]
 jig Em[Gm]
 Drunk at Night Dry in the Morning
 jig D fdB AGF|Eee e2e|fdB AFA|Bdd d2d|
 Easy You Rogue Stop
 jig D dAF FAF|dAF Ffe|dAF FAF|AFE Efe|
 Farewell  s'spey Bb DFFB dcdB|BFGF Gccd|DFFB dcd2|fddB FBB|
 Galloway Tom
 [Galway Tom]
 jig D ded fdd|edd fdd|ded fdd|edB BAF|
 Hare in the Corn  jig D FGA A2=c|BAG F2D|GAG FAF|BGE E2G|
 Humors of Burres  jig D DED FEF|ded def|DED FEF|AGF EFE|
 Humors of Cork  s/jig A AcA BAF FEF|AcA BAF d2f|m3=m1|AcA BAF A3|
 Humors of Kilkenny  jig A cAA A2c|efe fed|cAA Ace|f3 a3|
 Irish Washerwoman  jig G BGG DGG|BGB dcB|cAA FAA|cAc edc|
 Jackson's CHACE
 [Jackson's Chase]
 Jackson's Farewell  jig A d3 c3|BAB cAF|EFA ABA|BAB cAF|
 Jackson's Favorite  jig D dAF FAF|FAF F2d|AFE EFE|EFE EFA|
 Jackson's Frolick  s/jig D A3 AGF AGF|A2A AGF Bcd|m3=m1|EFE cBA Bcd|
 Jackson's Hornpipe  jig D def A2F|DFD AGF|def A2F|EFA B2d|
 Jackson's Maggot  jig G BAB G2E|G2G GFG|A2A AGA|BGE E2G/A/|
 Jackson's Mistake  jig G GAG AGA|B2g gdB|c2A BGE|GAG GED|
 Jackson's Punch Bowl  jig D DED D2B|AGF G2B|AFd FED|EFE E2F|
 Jackson's Rattle  jig G D2G GFG|E2A AGA|BcB BAG|BAG E2G|
 Jackson's Whim  s/jig Em[Gm] GFE DED DED|GFE DED E2F|m3=m1|EGE FAF G3|
 Kate Martin  jig D ded fef|d3 d2A|dfa agf|e3 e2f/a/|
 Kilkenny Girls  jig D ABA Ade|fgf fed|ABA AFA|Bee e2f|
 Lake of Killarney  jig G BGG AGG|dBe dBg|eAA ABd|ecA A2G/A/|
 Lango Lee  jig G DEF GAB|ced cBA|BGE DEG|BcA G2D|
 Leinster  jig D ded AFA|ded b2a|bag fed|fdB B2e|
 Maid at the Fair  jig D FGF FEF|BcB Bcd|FGF FEF|ABA A2d|
 Maids in the Morning  jig Am E^FE G2A|BAG B3|E^FE G2A|GEA GED|
 Miss Godfrey's Jig(g)  jig G GAG Bcd|ecA dBG|GAG Bcd|ecA A2B|
 Money in Both Pockets  jig D d2F FEF|ABA AGF|d2F FEF|A3 gfe|
 Morgan Rattler  jig D AGF EFG|FAF D2B|AGF EFA|B2A Bcd|
 Mrs. Boswell's  jig D[Bb]
 d2a afd|ede fdB|Add Fdd|fee e3|
 Mrs. Dungannon's  jig Em BAB EFE|BAG FED|BAB EFE|BAF dAF|
 Mrs. McDonald's Favorite  jig D[A]
 fed dBA|AFA AFA|fed daf|fee e2e|
 Mullony's Jig  jig D FGA AFA|AFA AFA|BGB AGF|BGE E2G|
 Murphy's Jig(g)  jig D ded d2A|BcB B2F|ABc dAF|EFE E2f/e/|
 MurtUgh O'Blaney
 [Murtagh O'Blaney]
 jig D Add dcB|ABA AFA|Add d2e|fdB B2A|
 My Name is Dick Kelly  jig D fed dBA|ABd e2e|fed dBd|AFd d2d|
 Norah's  jig Em[Gm]
 O'Connolly's  jig D AFA Ade|fdB BAF|AFA Ade|fdB B2d|
 Old Langolee  jig D d3 f3|ede ddB|ABc d2gb|agf e2d|
 Owoonoe's Lake  reel Em G2EB GFEG|A2BG dBB2|BGEB GFEG|AcBA GEEB|
 Paddy O Carrol  jig G BGG AGG|BcB BAG|dBB gBB|ABA Adc|
 Paddy O'Rafferty  jig D dfA ABA|Agf edB|dfA ABA|dfe dBA|
 Pat in a Passion  jig Am ecA AcA|ecA A2A|ecA AcA|dBG G2d|
 Pat What Are You Doing?  jig G dBA ABA|BAG GAG|dBA ABd|ede efg|
 Petticoat Loose  jig G BcA BGE|BcB AGE|GAG GBA|GAG GAB|
 Planxty Connor  jig G G2G FED|E2F G2A|B2G c2A|B2G c2A|
 Priest in His Boots  jig G A2A A2A|ABG F2A|G2G BAG|FDF GFG|
 Rakes of Westmeath  s/jig D ABc dAG FED|ABc dAF G2E|ABc dAG FGA|=cBc cEF G3|
 Rocks of Cashell  polka D DF A2|AG/F/ A2|DF A2|AG/F/ EF|
 Shepherds I Have Lost My Love air F  f3g a2ag|gffc c4|d2c2 f2ef|d4 c4|
 Shepherds I Have Lost My Love  h'pipe D  d3e fdcd|edcB A2FA|B2AF dAFA|B4 A4
 Sup of Good Drink  jig Dm d2e f2d|ecA AGF|d2e f2a|gec d2f/g/|
 Take Care of My Cap  jig Am[Gm] AEA cBA|ABA A2B|cBc ABc|dBG G2f|
 That's My Way  jig Am c2A AcA|E2A A2A|B2G GBG|dBG GAB|