(ed. Hughes c.1842-1881)

folder name: gei

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* title supplied or corrected

Betty Come Trip With Me PDFs/jig01bettyG
Billy's Trifle PDFreel02billysGGFGA cBAG|BdBd cAGF|GFGA cBAG|EGFA G2G2|
Bob Jordan PDFair 4/403bob_jAe2ce f2e2|c2B2 A2FE|F2A2 A2Bc|d2c2 B2z2|
Bucks of Westmeath PDFjig04bucksGd3 BdB|G2A B2c|d3 BdB|cAB c2e|
Cornwallis Jig PDFjig05corn_jDA2d dcB|AFA AFA|dfd ege|fdB B3|
Day in the Country* (as ‘Country Dance’)PDFjig06dayDd2d dcd|efe e2d|cBc ABc|d2f a2f|
Devil in Dublin PDFjig07devilGG2B d2B|e2c A3|BdB GBG|FAF D3|
Drops of Juniper PDFjig08dropsAm[Gm]
c2d e2c|dBG GAB|c2A A2c|B^de E3|
Eastern Shore Reel* (as ‘Reel’)PDFreel09eastGG2BG ABcA|eBcA eBcA|G2BG ABcA|eBcA BGG2|
Emerald Lilt* (as ‘Lilt’)PDFair 3/410emer_LDf2 fd fa|be ed cA|f2 fd fa|Ad dA FD|
Hare in the Corn PDFjig11hareGBcd d2=f|edc B2G|cdc B2B|ecA A2c|
Hills of Ireland PDFjig12hillsGB2E EGE AFD|BGB cBA BGE|B2E EGE BGE|AB^c dcB AFD
How Is Your Mother PDFjig13how_isDd2d f2f|a2a f2d|g2e f2d|cde ABc|
Humors of Cashel PDFreel14hum_cashDAdFA B2Bd|gfed cdef|AdFA B2Bd|gfef d2d2|
If the Cat Had Gold PDFair 3/415if_catGcD DG/ Ad|cA cG Ed|BD DE G2|AB GG Gd|
Irish Frisk PDFjig16irish_fGd2B g2e|dBg dBG|EAA A2G|EAA A2c|
Irish Hunt PDFs/jig17irish_hAaed cBA cBA|aed cBA BGE|m3=m1|cdc dBG A3|
Irish Lilt PDFjig18irish_LDABA A2G|F2E D3|ABA AFA|B3 d3|
Kiss Me Softly PDFjig19kissGB2G GBG|A2B c2e|B2G GBG|ecA ecA|
Kitty the Cuckoo PDFair 3/820kittyAEEF/G/|A2G/A/|B2c/A/|FEE|E2 A/F/|
Liffey Lilt* (as ‘Lilt’)PDFjig21liffeyGgfg e2d|Bdd Bdd|gfg e2d|BAA A2d|
Limerick Jig PDFs/jig22lim_jFA2F c2A fga|A2F c2A BAG|m3=m1|b2a g2f edc|
Lots of Kisses PDFjig23lotsDABA d2f|afb afd|g2e f2d|ecA AFG|
Mr.Hughes'* (as ‘Jig’)PDFs/jig24mr_hGB2d d2B c2A|B2d d2B c3|m3=m1|G2F G2A B2c|
My Dear Stay With Me PDFair 6/825my_dearAEFA ABc|d2d ecB|c2c dBA|B2B cAF|
Nothing in Life PDFjig26nothingAc3 BAB|ABA Ace|fga edc|dBB BAB|
Paddy's Trip to London* (as ‘Paddy in London’)PDFjig27paddys_tDFDF AFA|ded def|AGF G2A|BGE E2G|
Peggie's Wedding PDFjig28peggieD
ded d2d|dfa afd|ded d2d|cde ecA|
Piping Plover* (as ‘Jig’)PDFs/jig29pipingCcde cAA cAA|cde cAA B2G|m3=m1|Bcd ded B2G|
Planxty Kitty O'Brien (without ‘Planxty’)PDFair 4/430planx_kobGB2d2 d2g2|e2dc B2A2|G2G2 A2G2|F3E D2z2|
Planxty Thomas Burke (without ‘Planxty’)PDFair 4/431planx_tbGcBAG Bcd2|D2G2 G2A2|BcdB edcB|A4-A2dc|
Push the Poney PDFjig32pushGB2G GAB|c2c cec|B2G GAB|AFD D2c|
Rocky Road to Dublin PDFs/jig33rockyDB2A A2D D3|B2A A2D FGA|B2A A2D F3|G2E E2F EFG
Salt Spray* (as ‘Reel’)PDFreel34saltG[F]
G2GA BEE2|BEdE BEEF|G2GA BABd|egfd e4|
Slievemore PDFs/jig35slieveDd3 faf gfe|d3 fdf ecA|d3 fdf efg|agf efd cBA|
Spenser's PDFh'pipe36spensDafge dfed|cAec ABAG|FGAf gfed|ceAA A2fg|
Thady You Gander PDFjig37thadyDf2d edd|f2d edd|Bee ede|Bee e2e|