Fitzmaurice's "New Collection of Irish Tunes"
(Edinburgh 1805-1809)

folder name: ncit

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As of 12/4/18, the PDF files in column 2 will be "Plus" files
(notation, commentary, MP3 link, and ABC together on one page.)

Tune title at top of the Plus File links to the MP3.

 Banks of the Shannon  PDF H'PIPE 01banks D defe dBBd|ABBF E2E2|def2 dBBd|ABAF D3z :|
 Billy O'Rourke  PDF S/JIG 02billy D d2d dfd cBA|d2d dfa gec|m3=m1|BcB Bcd ecA|
 Connaught Air  PDF AIR 03conn D AFF2|dFF2|AFFA|A3d|
 Cumbernauld House  PDF JIG 04cumb A dfd cec|BAB cAF|EFA Adc|BAB cAF|
 Donald Bran  PDF H'PIPE 05dbran A AB cA|Bd BF|AB cA|Bc d2|
 Fitzmaurice's  PDF H'PIPE 06fitzh D FADD Dfed|ceAA Agfe|fadf gbeg|fdec dBAG|
 Fitzmaurice's Trip to Roslin Castle  PDF JIG 07ftrip G d2d dBg|d2d dBG|cec BdB|cAA A2B/c/|
 Hill of Howth PDF H'PIPE 08hill D d2d2 d2ef|ABAG F3A|BAGF E2FA|B2c2 d4|
 Hoddam Castle  PDF S/JIG 09hodc D Bcd ABG FED|Bcd ABG FGA|Bcd ABG FEF|
 I Am Asleep and Don't Wake Me  PDF AIR 3/4 10asleep A E2 F2 A2|A2 A2 A2|B2 dcBA|F4 E2|
 Irishman in Edinburgh  PDF H'PIPE 11edin D D2D2 FAFA|D2D2 GBGB|D2D2 FAFA|Bdcd BAGF|
 Kick the World Before You  PDF S/JIG 13kwby Dmix c3 BdB c2A|A2d ded cBA|
 Lads of Fingall  PDF JIG 14lads D AGF GAB|A2D D2F|G2E FED|EFE G2B|
 Loose the Belt  PDF JIG 15loose Am c2A AGE|GAG GAB|c2A AGE|EAA A2B|
 Miss Ann Robinson's  PDF JIG 16mar G DFD G2B|AGE G2E|DFD G2B|AGE cGE|
 Miss Duff's  PDF JIG 17mduff G BAB G2E|G2G GFG|A2A AGA|BGE E2c|
 Miss Elphinstone's Compliments to Lady  Fingall  PDF AIR 3/4 18mec D B2E2F2|BABcdB|A2D2F2|A2D2F2|
 Miss Elphinstone's Fancy  PDF JIG 19mef Em EFE EFA|B2A B^cd|DED FDF|ABA AGF|
 Miss Smollet's Favorite  PDF JIG 20msmol D A2D DED|A2G AB=c|A2D DED|AGE ED=C|
 Mister Fitz's Jig*
 Moggy Will You Come Again  PDF JIG 21moggy Em EFE E2F|B2E E2F|EFE E2F|A2D D2F|
 Mount the Stage  PDF JIG 22mount D AFE EFE|AFD E2F|AFE EFE|AFD D2F|
 Mrs.Garden Campbell's  PDF JIG 23mgc G/Gm   
 B2G B2G|cAG G2A|B2G B2G|cAG F2G/A/|
 Munster Lassie  PDF JIG 24mun D DFA d2g|fef d3|DFA dcB|AGF BGE|
 O'Falvey's  PDF H'PIPE 25ofalv G G2GG G3c|BGdB gdBG|D2DD D3G|FDAF cAFD|
 Rossy Castle  PDF JIG 26rossy D FDD FDD|FGF FED|AFF dFF|EFE E2 A/G/|
 Spatter the Dew  PDF S/JIG 27sdew D FGF FEF d3|FGF FEF AFE|m3=m1|cBA BAF AFE|
 Tore Retreat  PDF JIG 28tore Dmix d2A ABA|d2A AGE|d2A ABA|def gec|
 Turn the Pig from the Teapot  PDF H'PIPE 29tpig D A3B BAGF|A2D2 D2FA|B2B2 dcBA|B2E2 E2FG|